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Door : Joyce Jonkergouw | 1 reactie | Op : 29 mei 2017 | Categorie : Geen categorie

Heb je nog zin en tijd om te komen werken?

Ben je boven de 16 jaar dan mag je mailen of bellen. We zoeken nog hulp in de bospeen.

Meld je aan en beleef een heerlijke tijd op het veld samen met vele collega’s en tussen de worteltjes.

bel naar 06 12735959 of mail naar

namens het bospeenteam

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Door: Omer Mukhtar op 17 juni 2017

I am student from Sudan I study in Lithuania, called you two days ago that I came to Nijmegen asking for temporary work, you told me to have BSN number and I told you that I will have on 22 of this months, what I am asking about because I don’t know for seasonal work I need permit or no especially if I will work for only one month. If I need will you apply for me as far as I know for full time the employer should apply for the worker. If no will you let me to work this month without it ? I hope you understand my situation as a student and I need to pay my study fees by working.
Thank you so much for considering my message, I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.
Thank you .

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