Our Company

Started in 1960

Harry en Riek Jonkergouw started with cattle and pigs in early 1960, and also had some small-scale farming.

Family business

From the very early start it has been a real family business.

From father to sons

Five sons came and three of them, Kees, Peter and Willy continued in agriculture.

Success and growth

Due to the success of the company, it slowly grew into a large-scale company.

Focus on agriculture

The pigs and cows were exchanged for agriculture, so that the focus could be placed on it.


Ultimately, the various agricultural products became specialized in what are now carrots and leeks.

Meet your farmers?

Our goal is to be environmentally conscious and social responsible. Products of good quality and produced in an honest, sustainable and responsible manner is our view for the future.

Kees Jonkergouw

Management, purchase, management cultivation, production management

+31 (0) 653976375

Peter Jonkergouw

Management, sales en purchase management, production policy

+31 (0) 653950709

Willy Jonkergouw

Management, financial controller, HR policy

+31 (0) 653976374

Joyce Jonkergouw

Management secretary, quality manager, HR employee

+31 (0) 612735959

Ingrid Jonkergouw

Management and HR employee

+31 (0) 612735956

Harm Jonkergouw

Crop protection specialist, management cultivation

Tom van den Boom

Technical specialist

Maarten Megens

Production en production hall manager

Henri Jonkergouw

Production manager

Roy, Jordy, Dainis, Klaas

Drivers team